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What we don't do

Free work, it's for our friends only

Have you ever had a free meal at a new restaurant ordering a starter and then tell the chef you might buy the main course if you like the food and then let him know what you would pay for it then? Probably not, but we have been asked to do this (too) many times!


Some studios offer "free" work, but lets be honest; no-one works for free for someone you never met before! You still have to pay staff, rent, utilities and more. It just mean that if you decide to deal with a design studio who does "free work" you also agree to give 20, 30% or more of your paid design fee to other projects than yours! Don't do that!


We love to invite our friends over for a free meal and it won't cost you more than a smile – as such we offer some work without charge for our known and regular customers with whom we know we can be of help to each other long-term. 


Charity for charity, not marketing

Our studio does loads of charity but we don't use it in our marketing – nothing wrong in that, we just don't do. Our local community is supported by us, we donate profit to international charity and we share our knowledge to those in needs but don't have the funds. But we are modest about it, because it is part of our duty and service giving back to the society.


We don't lie...

...and neither do any other studio! Or do they?

You are always offered a realistic time schedule, a fair fee without having to charge extra halfway without reason. Work is done as fast as practical, not as fast as possible, because we know haste is always inadvisable for sustainable design and your success.


We don't try to win a project by giving you a quote that won't last or a time schedule that never holds. Your reputation is important to us – and so is ours! Instead bomancreative compete on quality, innovation, creativity and service for you to win in the long run!


bomancreative offer 3 kinds of service for our customers


and you can pick any two:
GOOD service CHEAP won't be FAST!
GOOD service FAST won't be CHEAP!
FAST service CHEAP won't be GOOD!





Good design is not an expense but an investment that pays itself back in short time – thats a fact!


In order to do so, the relationship between customer and designer is build on honesty, transparancy and good communication between us all.























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