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Bangkachao residence, architecture
Bangkok, Thailand   [班卡超居家住宅 | 泰国,曼谷]

Designing your own house is like being your own customer – one of them with high demands!

Designing you own house is one of the biggest challenges. On the small almost unknown peninsula 'Bangkachao' next to Bangkok's Chao Praya River this, residence grew up as two merged squares – East meet West! 192 sq.m. sharing 2 bedroom and 3 bathroom with an open kitchen and living room plan.

As this was the 4th sketch build out of 5 ideas, the house naturally was named 'Plan D'.

Eco friendly, affordable, functional minimalistic Scandinavian style respecting both Thai and Danish building traditions. See also Bangkachao residence interior.


Photos: K. Havgaard, F. Thomsen, C. Boman.





         设计一栋专属于自己的住宅,充满挑战性!Claus为自己和家人设计的北欧风格的住宅坐落于曼谷湄南河旁一座人烟稀少的半岛上,集天然环保、实惠、功能和简约风格于一体, 东西2座楼体一共192平方米,犹如2个正方体连接在一起, 内含2间卧房,3间浴室,此外还有一个开放式的厨房和客厅。
         Claus从5个创意中挑选了其中一个最合适的作为设计理念, 并按该设计理念画了4次草图之后完成了该兼顾泰国和丹麦传统的建筑。该住宅室内设计详情请点击此处查看



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