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Using this site means you accept the terms.

Using this site means you accept the terms.

The projects shown and described herein are all with the involvement of Claus Boman. The copyright of the design do belong to a variety between Claus Boman, various customers, clients and previous companies where employments and consultancy given. Please respect.


The website purpose is to show the work of Claus Boman which origin and right to claim the creative involvement is fully legal and common practise for design portfolios. Some photos or renders may or may not show other parts of projects, which should not be misunderstood, nor misinterpreted. All photos, information and references are given and obtained legally with the purpose of showing and sharing the talent and skills of Claus Boman.


Claus Boman is not the owner of this domain and therefore not responsible for the contents within this site. If any inquiries or question to above or similar, please take contact to domain owner directly. Updated contact information of domain ownership is available through the regular domain registration directories.



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        Claus Boman参与了网站中全部项目的设计工作,设计版权属于Claus Boman及其工作过的各类顾问公司、各行业的客户、业主,望尊重版权所有。


         该网站旨在展示Claus Boman的设计作品,其起源和权利主张该网站的创作和设计是完全合法和通用的做法。 网站中所示的照片或是渲染图,一些可以显现真实项目的情况,一些可能无法显现,望理解。网站中所有的图片、信息、项目案例等都是合法所得,用于展示Claus Boman的设计天赋及技巧。


         Claus Boman并非该域名的所有者,故不对该网站的内容负责,如有疑问,请直接联系域名所有者。最新的域名所有者信息可以在常规域名注册目录内查找。




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