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Bringing together the best of East and West.


bomancreative studio is a small-scale commercial multi-disciplinary design studio working with international customers, mainly in Asia but cover any location needed.

Working-closely-together  –  o n   a   d i s t a n c e !

I am a Danish independent designer living in Asia, available for commercial interior, product design, graphics and branding. Creative thinker and efficient executer, delivering innovative ideas. Often commissioned to design projects in Mainland China, Hong Kong and assignments from Middle East and Scandinavia all within retail interior, FEC, corporate spaces. Welcome any creative challenges within space and graphic design.


Started in Scandinavia in early '90ties and moved to Asia in 2002.


Educated furniture and product designer in Denmark from KADK and a year in France at Les Ateliers, Ecole Nationale Suprerieure de Creation Industrielle.


I live in Thailand but is on the road frequently (when Covid 19 is not in the way), and call 'abroad' my second home. Physical meetings are far from always needed, and most work todays is done online. 




         我们是一家小型的商业室内设计工作室,承接海内外各个国家的设计项目,目前大部分客户位于亚洲。我们的工作室在90年代早期成立于斯堪的纳维亚,在2002年迁址至亚洲。创始人Claus Boman先生现居住于泰国,我们一直保持着拓展的步伐,努力把中国大陆和香港变为我们第二个家。

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Claus Boman

Claus Boman
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