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What we do

Our mission statement

Create excellence in design through unlimited creativity, free thinking and innovation – having a blast doing it!


Why should you choose to let bomancreative be part of your next project?! Admitted, there are many good designers and studios out there, however we believe we have something different and beneficiary to offer your project that will bring you to your goal smoothly.


Here are 5 of our core values that is the reason your project will stand out... ...just like it's proved with so many other projects you see here on the website!



Working with honesty and transparency, we trust the power of teamwork and with open minds. Each design process starts with a predesign phase and a brainstorm. The only word not allowed is "no". You will be guided down the road based on honesty and the only surprise you will face is how stunning your project will end up looking!


Good design is not expensive

Good design is not equal to expensive materials, skyrocketing construction cost and empty promises. Good design is created by a committed team of client, end-users, suppliers, special consultants and designers. It's far more challenging to design a furniture that cost almost nothing and that everyone wants, than to design a unique gold-plated piece that only few can afford. That’s how we think!


Innovation through creativity

Give a brief for a new chair project and bomancreative think of how to rest the human body. Ask us to build a house and we think of both shelter and monuments – ask us anything and we approach your request from scratch to be truly renewing and with creative innovative solutions.


Think ahead

Some design is made to stay forever, some to be here just a fraction of time. We think about tomorrow and provide you with long lasting solutions.


We do so many things in our studio; study people and behaviors, learn about new technology and sustainability, setting trends rather than following them etc.


We have a mission and our core values too – they are listed right here.


We didn't list our values about green design, environment, cost benefit and bottom-lines – all this matter of course and that's why we take it for granted! If we can, we will walk a 1000 kilometers in your shoes before we draw a single sketch – to understand your needs at best – to give you the best!


























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