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Elegant New Town Plaza
New Territories, Hong Kong   [三寶钟表珠宝 新城巿广场店 | 香港,新界]

You can visit the store in New Town Plaza I, Shop 318-319,  Shatin, Hong Kong.

Elegant is one of Hong Kong’s most prominent wristwatch and jewellery retailers and carries timepieces from more than 50 international manufactures in their many multi-brand shops. The company also has retail stores in Mainland China and Taiwan.

The earth colored shop design is created for shops with a slightly wider available range of timepieces. It is decorated with a fine brown marble stone finish on frames mixed with hardwood floors and carpets zoning each brand into a exclusive shop-in-shop experience.

With a more than 40-meter long front on 3 sides, this is the longest shop facade of all Elegant's multi-brand stores in Hong Kong.


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