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Esprit HQ, Scandinavia
Copenhagen, Denmark   [Esprit斯堪的纳维亚总部 | 丹麦,哥本哈根]

This old concrete warehouse was tranferred into a cool office and whole sale showroom for Esprit HQ, Scandinavia.

Wholesale, office, cafe, showroom and storehouse was fitted into this originally concrete ware house housing Esprit's Scandinavian head quarter. With architect Mads Werner as the 'captain of the ship' Claus Boman was invited to join in his early career to assist interior design, planning, client contact and coordination from first sketch to final build.


Credit: Mads Werner Architects (MWA), assiting interior design by Claus Boman under architect Mads Werner creative directions.

Responsibility for Claus Boman:

Interior design, planning, client contact, coordinating, site visits.





         最初的钢筋水泥仓库经过用心设计、精心改造后,集批发、办公、咖啡馆、展示厅、储藏室功能为一体的Esprit斯堪的纳维亚总部便诞生了。在建筑师Mads Werner担任“船长”的MWA建筑公司带领下,Claus Boman在其职业生涯早期协助完成了该项目的室内设计、平面布局、业主沟通与协调等工作,从一开始的绘图到最终落地,Claus都非常负责任地跟进了项目的整个过程。



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