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Hello, nice to meet you...
您好!非常高兴认识您! name is Claus Boman, and I'm a Danish, independent commercial interior and product designer living in Thailand since 2002. Founder of bomancreative, a deliberately very small design studio working closely with both own clients and as freelancer for design studios in Asian region.

Offer you strong capability in concept design and brand building in 3 dimensions, bridging East and West in a global world.

Each project is different and bomancreative is the umbrella of designer’s network getting the right people together for the right project.


A portfolio of hundred of thousand designed square meter to show you how – just a click away...


         我叫Claus Boman,来自丹麦,是一名独立的室内设计师和产品设计师,从2002年起定居泰国。作为博曼创意工作室的创始人,我精心设计了精致的工作室,并一直与客户保持紧密合作,在亚洲地区则是一个自由职业设计师。







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