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The Bowl Room, 360° Mall Kuwait City
Kuwait City, Kuwait   [Bowl Room保龄球馆 | 科威特,科威特城]

Original idea of concept and the name "The Bowl Room" by Claus.

This stunning bowling alley is part of the 360° Mall in Kuwait City. Not only bowling facilities are offered in this 'alley, but also an entertaining game zone, dining and private lounge are available to the guests.

At present time, employed by Concept I came up with the interior design concept and the name 'The Bowl Room' with references to the hi-end customers and the many activities, and obvious bowling is the main theme.

The Bowl Room is part of an entertainment zone Concept I did for the 360° Mall (other 2 zones by other designers) and has for all this (together with The Bowl Room) received 48th Annual Gold Nugget Awards, Award of Merit Winner, International Commercial, Global RLI Awards. Shortlisted, Most Innovative Retail & Leisure Concept of the Year Award. Arabian Property Awards for best Interior Design Kuwait and more.



Design studio Concept I, project carried out by Claus Boman with colleagues during employment as project director.

Responsibility for Claus Boman:

Creating main interior design and concept directions.





         Claus就职于国际概念设计有限公司时,提出了室内设计理念并将该保龄球馆命名为The Bowl Room保龄球馆,目标客户瞄准了高端消费群体。虽然购物中心的名称是360°,但非常明显地,保龄球才是整个购物中心的主题。
         The Bowl Room保龄球馆是国际概念设计有限公司为360°购物中心设计的娱乐区之一,另外2个区由其他设计师设计,基于设计师的出色设计,该项目获得了第48届年度金块奖、国际商业优异奖、2011年全球RLI奖,还被提名年度最具创新零售及休闲区设计理念大奖、2010年阿拉伯物业大奖之最佳室内设计等。



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