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The Klasse apartments, public areas
Bangkok, Thailand    [The Klasse住宅公共区域 | 泰国,曼谷]

Owner requested a 5 star look build on a 3-star budget confirms what we allways say: Good design doesn't have to be expensive!

On Sukhumvit 19 in Bangkok, a 9-story building arised to serve 51 units to Western and Japanese expats in Thailand.
The Taiwanese owner requested a 5 star look on a 3-star budget, a hotel looking foyer and a ‘home away from home’ feeling in the units. You are invited inside the public area; lobby, lounge, corridors and gym – welcome.



Design assistant Julie Limsnukan, graphic assistant Buke Imote.

Sukhumvit 19 units, interior design.









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