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Yanoda Rainforest Resort
Hainan, China   [呀诺达热带雨林度假酒店 | 中国,海南]

Have you ever visited Yanoda Rainforest Resort you will know they have a very special greeting for you – go hear it!

Close to Sanya and stunning rainforest area this hotel is emerging. Yanoda amusement park might be the closest you ever come to visit Jurassic Park for real. 
This rainforest is for real and no matter how long you stay, there will be new moments to explore each and every day.
The hotel lobby and interior design reflect this great surrounding nature.



Design studio Taipan, project carried out as design consultant by Claus Boman/bomancreative.

Responsibility for Claus Boman: 

Creating main interior design concept directions.








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