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7 Spices, restaurant chain concept for USA
Various locations, US market   [7 Spices餐饮连锁店 | 美国各个地方]

The 7 spices refer to the main ingredients in Thai cooking.

Restaurant chain, roll-out concept. Various cities, USA. Thai origin restaurant concept for the US marked – concept building by CP Foods who asked for a concept design based on Thailand's famous '7 Spice' containing cumin, coriander, chili, cinnamon, ginger, star anise and cloves.

Equally together with the talented people at Thai based design studio Dscale.



Equally together with our friends at Dscale.

Vorakorn 'Vee' Kanokpipat, commercial interior designer.





         7 Spices连锁餐厅开遍了美国各州,一开始,CP食品公司便提出利用泰国著名的7种香料:小茴香、胡荽、辣椒粉、肉桂、姜、八角茴香、丁香作为在美国的泰国风味连锁餐厅的理念。




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