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Aolong Plaza
Urumqi, China   [澳龙广场办公大堂 | 中国,乌鲁木齐]

A giang globe welcome locals and foreigners inside – a symbol of Urumqi is connecting with the rest of the world.

Aolong Plaza is one part of a 5 hi-rise multi-function complex of hotels, offices and B2B retail environment. We were awarded to create the concept and design of the atrium and main entrance for the retail and office building. Urumqi mountain landscape and the business moving in here were all international well-established companies connecting this remote part of China to the rest of the world.

We created a concept “being global locally”: Materials being local cut stones, an interior design with references to local history mixed with international design details i.e. the arc shaped retail doors, use of bronze in details and an entrance with a giant globe welcoming visitors from around the world.



SUD-Intl, design mangement (link open i new window).








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