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Akasya Shopping Mall, restrooms
Istanbul, Turkey   [Akasya商场,盥洗室 | 土耳其,伊斯坦布尔]

'Just can't wait to get to the restroom' have gotten a whole new meaning!

The hi-end upper level in the mall was given a restroom theme of a stone cave illusion with water and drift wood made into elements such as a surprising entrance water wall and stools made of wood stubs for the makeup area. The feature color LED light guide the color scheme between male and female area.

All other mall floors, which is more in the mid-scale and up range, was given a theme of a spa. Again with the luxury of seating elements, make up area, large cubicles and great flow through the restroom. A special display allow mall-tenants to exhibit products for sale from the nearby stores, be it spa, beauty, sanitary or likewise products. Such space of course gain revenue for the mall as well – a real win/win/win (visitors/ tenants/ mall-owner).

By making a double access aisle toward cubicles behind the main entrance, the people flow is greatly improved. Thus the small place its feels large and comfortable instead of the usual one way in-and-out only.

'Just can't wait to get to the restroom' has gotten an whole new meaning!



Akasya furniture and Akasya signage and wayfinding.


Saf Gyo, owner (link open in new window).


Akasya and Mr. Ali Bekman.











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