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Akasya Mall, signage and wayfinding
Istanbul, Turkey  [Akasya商场,标识导向系统 | 土耳其,伊斯坦布尔]

The project is featured in the book  'Best Wayfinding Design, vol 2' by publisher Hi-Design. Please go to page 17-22 after your click here:

Standing out between retails shop in a shopping mall that competes for attention, the best way to move forward for a signage and wayfinding system is to be neutral. Akasya is the name of a tree, but also means 'Asia' and the color 'white'. To give the signage identity it was made in brown and white color to represent the tree and the bright white.


Note how the floor signs with touch LCD screens are lowered on one site for children and disable in wheel chairs and other side the display is up high for adults.



Akasya furniture and Akasya restrooms.


Saf Gyo, owner (link open in new window).

Vorakorn 'Vee' Kanokpipat, commercial interior designer.


Akasya and Mr. Ali Bekman.







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