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Chesters Grill, fastfood chain
Thailand   [吉时客快餐连锁店 | 泰国各个地方]

Our first fast food chain project – even the design work had to be delivered fast so we worked over Christmas to meet deadlines!

CP Foods asked to re-think their brand in terms of interior and facade design for fast food chain Chester’s Grill. The final design concept simplified the brand, with few strong elements in focus such as the '3 chickens' and the 3-tone strong color scheme. Not only was the brand image strengthened, but building cost and logistic was reduced dramatically due to simplified design. 'Less is more' was truly the concept for this brand improvement...

Equally together with the talented people at Thai based design studio Dscale.



Equally together with our good friends at Dscale.

Vorakorn 'Vee' Kanokpipat, commercial interior designer.








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