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CP Intertrade
Ayuthaya, Thailand   [CP公司 | 泰国,大城]

The architecture and interior concept is build like a "rising rice" The excecutive floor is brown color like an aged rice plant were the intermediate staff floor is green, white and light.

As the top 5-listed rice exporter, CP Intertrade were about to establish a 8,000 sq.m. office and additional factory, shipping terminal, stock and a research center in Ayuthaya north of Bangkok. Interior concept is designed to complement the 'rising rice' architecture with indoor rain showers of terracing landscape accommodation 4-500 staff in office and canteen.

Elements like rice terrace, watered from above to give an illusion of rain season is one of the central features that both visitors and employees can enjoy.

Please also take a look at the wayfinding system that was developed for this project.



Assistant graphic design by Buke Imote.







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