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SUD International, Sino-United Creative Design studio
Shenzhen, China   中美联创创意设计工作室 | 中国,深圳]

The studio layout is rather generous in space to allow prototype, materials and large scale drawings to unforld in this architect studio.

Creating good office interior design is not only about efficient space planning and cost control. It's about building an environment that represents and enforce your company’s culture to attract and keep the best people with you. It's a marketing tool and your face to the outside when you have visitors be it customers or colleagues who will recommend you.

For SUD International, an architect company who we also work with in China, a neutral setup in color scheme and materials was the base for the studio interior. Neutral so the architects avoid getting inspired by the office design and instead decorate with prototypes of buildings, drawings, material samples and sketches that represent their ongoing architecture projects.

The rather generous space in the layout allowed the studio to have large material samples, size A0 drawings and models coming through the studio on a daily and ever changing environment.



SUD-Intl, design mangement (link open i new window).








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