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Design process
Design process

You have a need for commercial interior design, but don't know where to start or end. This is our quick guide to the different steps in the design process.

Where to start – and end...

Many of our customers coming to us, arrives with ideas in their hand but don't know how to transform it into i.e. a retail store, shopping mall, office space etc. At bomancreative it is our responsibility to understand your needs and bring your idea to life – from first sketch into a final build, functional, profitable space. No worries, we hold your hand and walk this together.


Thus all projects are individual, we are using a methodical approach that will guide you through different phases along the way – so you feel in control and allow your ideas and demands to develop. You can commit to few or more phases or you can commit to all, depending on your needs and available knowledge in your organization.


Some only ask us for ideas, others want us to be there until we turn the light on and open the doors. Important is, we get onboard as soon as possible.


Phase 1
Phase 3
Phase 2
Phase 4








Phase 5


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