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Elegant Times Square
Causeway Bay, Hong Kong   [三寶钟表珠宝 时代广场店 | 香港,铜锣湾]

You can visit the store in Times Square, Shop 301-803,  Causeway Bay, Hong Kong.

Elegant kindly offered French designer Laurence Laneau and bomancreative to deliver an interior design for their Elegant Times Square brand including a revision of existing store and a design proposal for an all new store facade in the mall.

With the experience and the positive feedback from their IFC1009 branch, Elegant asked for a similar "classic" style and brand identity.

Elegant Watch and Jewellery is found all over Hong Kong, Mainland China and Taiwan and we are proud to be part of building their brand identity.


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Laurence Laneau, interior designer.





        三寶钟表珠宝邀请了法国设计师Laurence Laneau与博曼创意工作室共同为三寶钟表珠宝时代广场店进行室内设计,包括店铺现有布置的调整和商场内门面的全新设计方案。





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