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Elegant IFC
Central, Hong Kong   [三宝钟表店 | 香港,中环]

You can visit the store in IFC Mall, Shop 1009, 1 Harbour View Street, Central, Hong Kong.

Invited by Hong Kong based BrandImage, Claus was together with French interior designer Laurence Laneau, put in front of creating the concept for famous watchstore Elegant. Starting from absolutely scratch:

Elegant is the frame around a variety of luxury watch brands exactly like a gallery frames the paintings of an artist! As so, these frames create the identity of Elegant and become the overall brand and guarantee for the timepieces presented. 

In IFC Mall we literally took the concept of the gallery into large square stone frames and instead of an artists painting we invited Cartier, Blancpain, Piaget and many more to create their own identity and (time)pieces of art inside these!

The store is also featured at Engelbrechts website, the manufacturer of the Danish Plateau chair's used in both lounges.


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         受著名的全球性品牌设计公司BrandImage邀请,Claus与法国室内设计师Laurence Laneau从零开始一起为知名品牌三寶钟表店创作设计理念。  




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