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Chakson & Co, Zhuozhan Department store
Beijing, China   [Chakson & Co 卓展百货店 | 中国,北京]

Inside the black granite stone wall is hidden watch repair area and stock room.

Chakson & Co is the brand child of Hengdeli-Elegant and will be used as the overall branding name in Beijing's upscale Zhuozhan Department store, ground floor. An open store “portal” interior design on approximately 918 sq.m. acting as a “gate” to various hi-end single brands watch stores. The interior design cover a brand area app. 638 sq.m., Chakson & Co branding in form of dividers/signage between brands. Aisle area around 192 sq.m.

This multiple brand “gate” contain all from brand exhibitions displays, a raised floor VIP area that can be enclosed with curtain or function as a walk-trough and a separated service area for smaller watch repair. Stock area is hidden inside the black wall portal. Further cashier, water fountain and seating areas are part of the facilities.

Looking at the floor plan strictly from above it is a layout like the inside of a mechanical watch!


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         Chakson & Co是亨得利三寶的旗下品牌,并将用于北京的高档卓展百货一楼店铺的整体品牌名称。大约918平方米的开放式店铺“门户”,如同一扇进入各个高端品牌手表店的“大门”。室内设计覆盖了将近638平方米的品牌区域,各品牌之间有作为分隔/标识的Chakson & Co标牌。走道区域占地192平方米左右。



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