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Esprit Stores
Scandinavia   [Esprit专卖店 | 北欧多处地点]

The two stores you see here is just a few of many that has been implemented all over Scandinavia.

This presentation invite you inside both a 3-story 1,100 sq.m flagship store and a 2-level 1,200 sq.m. located on two of the most busiest pedestrian streets in Copenhagen. This is just two of more than almost hundreds stores and shop-in-shops for Esprit throughout Scandinavia that Claus has been involved in for architect Mads Werner though a 8 year continiously roll-out period.

Women, men and kids clothes and accessories in these stores. Further to this numerous shop-in-shops, store, flagship store, showroom, Esprit HQ Scandinavia exhibitions and much much more for Esprit.  



Mads Werner Architects (MWA), project carried out as design consultant by Claus Boman together for MWA team.

Responsibility for Claus Boman:

Interior design, planning, client contact, project management to finished implementation.








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