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Glory Mall
Beijing, China   [国瑞购物中心 | 中国,北京]

92% of the tenant space was committed for rent 1,5 year before scheduled opening, making the expectations very high.

A 'grand arc' in form of a glass tower is bridging between the two atriums to underline the concept of being a central hub in Beijing. A concept Claus came up with while working as lead interior designer for this project at Concept I. To the clients satisfaction, 92% of the tenant space was committed for rent 1.5 year before scheduled opening.

One of the special features are the 3 different shaped podiums that can create an almost unlimited patterns stage layout above one of the water features. 

90,000 sq.m. of shopping mall in a very unusual and creative designed mall.



Design studio Concept I, project carried out by Claus Boman with colleagues during employment as project director.

Responsibility for Claus Boman:

Creating main interior design and concept directions. Project directing. Site inspection.








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