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Hongqiao Airport, retail renovation
Shanghai, China   [虹桥机场 | 中国,上海]

Interior design is more than just making form meet function – the retail area was increased by 40% more space for tenants for the convenience of passengers and owners.

Originally prepared for Shanghai World Expo 2010 refitting Terminal A departure, A & B arrival (landside) following retail and lounge areas (airside), bus terminals, luggage hall, check points etc. 200,000 sq.m. in this existing former international airport of Shanghai.
It was upgraded to accommodate 40% more retail space with increased leasing price, improved circulation preparing for the estimated 10 million domestic and abroad passengers that will pass through this gate in China every year. The project is now landed – go see for yourself.



Design studio Concept I, project carried out by Claus Boman with colleagues during employment as project director.

Responsibility for Claus Boman:

Creating main interior design and concept directions.

Lighting design concept by C&P Lighting (link open in new window).








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