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Grand Gateway, a groundbreaking wayfinding system
Shanghai, China   [港汇广场,开创性的导向标识系统 | 中国,上海]

The signage water feature is very much inspired by a street fountain found in Paris which was given as a gift from the Quebec government. 

Most likely the most famous shopping mall in Shanghai is the Grand Gateway. A large scale shopping mecca in need for a new signage system.

Starting from the outside a concept of a 'break through' main signage to attract by-passers and to identify the already well known establishment.

Inside was crated a 'peel off' wayfinding system that had to be clear enough to guide visitors without stealing the attention from the many and colorful tenants.

Concept I was awarded this project and Claus was placed in the creative lead from concept to final build.



Design studio Concept I, project carried out by Claus Boman with colleagues during employment as project director.

Responsibility for Claus Boman:

Creating main concept directions for signage and graphic design. Project directing. Site and mock-up inspections.








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