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Mercury Tower, shopping mall concept
Bangkok, Thailand  [水银之塔购物中心设计理念 | 泰国,曼谷]

Not a large mall, but a very green mall!

Mercury Tower Shopping Mall concept is a renovation of exiting building just opposite Central Chidlom. A small mall on the same stretch as famous Gayson, Paragon and 'all the others'...l 

Mercury Tower's new concept is to be the most green boutique shopping center of Bangkok.



Design studio Concept I, project carried out by Claus Boman with colleagues during employment as project director. 

Responsibility for Claus Boman:

Creating main interior design and concept directions.  





         水银之塔购物中心位于Central Chidlom购物商场的对面,与Gayson, Paragon等其它著名的商场在同一条热闹、繁忙的商业街上。水银之塔购物中心的翻新设计理念是将其打造成为曼谷的高端绿色精品购物中心。



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