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Our story

Our reward is to see how people use our design – or even better, come back for more!

A floor pattern concept to one of the bowling and entertainment alleys we designed – telling visitors a story that we are in for a game now.

'Ordinary design:'
A signage we all know what mean.

'Creative design:'

Same signage with a twist that brings out the smile in us and a function showing us the way.

If I turn back time to my primary school years in Denmark, I was the kid who was sitting and doing drawings all day long. Not only would I draw a house, but it would be a house with the TV antenna on the roof, the electric wires coming in, the tap for garden watering, house number, mailbox, keyhole and doorbell button. Later on I would draw the most amazing maze and labyrinth, be they square, circular or odd shapes. I could sit for hours to design a maze, then give it to my teacher to find his way into the center.


For both the detail house and the complicated maze I received so much positive feedback. While is was great fun and welcoming challenge to draw each one, my big reward came when someone would look positive surprised for the architecural details or spin their head to find their way in my labyrinth. 


Today I design shopping malls, retails stores, hotels, signage, bowling alleys and my own real house (started no 2 now) for work and a living – well, my own house you can add that to the marketing account, not the income... Going to the cinema here in Bangkok I saw one of the bowling alleys featured in a commercial. Once I was in Hong Kong, the CEO of a very well known watch brand entered a retail watch store I designed. While I was photographing the store, he began to tell the staff it was the best shop he saw for long time. To see his satisfaction, a man in his position was – fantastic! Numerous times I see my designs copied, not only by strangers, but even by companies I worked for previously who pays a visit to our website from time to time – some still do until today!! While this can be a bit annoying, at least I know where I have my competitors and that is behind me! All in all the kind words, using our design in another context or even copy it gives exactly the same reward as when I created the maze and the house in my early years – to see I can make a difference for others, for the good!


I studied at the Danish Design School (now KADK) in Copenhagen and at Les Ateliers, l’ENSCI in Paris, France. Where as the school in Denmark would give me a project to design an armchair, in France they would instead ask me to design an object for the human body to rest on. This would force me to design from scratch, to think all over from the beginning to see if I could make a change – a change for the better, not just for the change.


bomancreative started in Denmark in 1992 as Boman Design. In 2002 everything was going smooth – so smooth that it became even a tiny bit boring! I decided to pause the company for 1 year to seek abroad again to get inspiration for my work, to see the world and then come back to bring new inspiration to our studio. 


Well, it's 2015 and I’m still in Asia and I now call it my home. Boman Design has become bomancreative and I have been so fortunate to be part of some amazing projects that would not be available in Denmark. For a few years I worked with some larger design studios here in Asia as either consultant or employee. But the urge of being closer to the clients, more hands on to the projects and avoid some of the fixed roles you sometimes need to have in bigger studios, I decided to go solo, build my own team and to be bomancreative. bomancreative with a mission to do excellence in design through unlimited creativity, free thinking and innovation. Because we know its better for you!


Today my team and I work with projects in Mainland China, Hong Kong, Taiwan, Malaysia, Turkey, Kuwait, Saudi Arabia and of course a few in Denmark. No project is too small, too big or too far away. We're so lucky!


It still only takes a small team to build a shopping mall, you don’t need 40 people and many practical tasks in a project can be outsourced instead having them idle in-house half the time. We offer our service to other studios too, typical concept design and idea developing beside all the good projects we are given by our end-use customers.


bomancreative consider good commercial interior design an investment and know that good design doesn’t have to be build expensive to make an impact, even your business is selling watches for 1 million HKD a piece or host guest in your 5 star resort. We make sure your project will be profitable to your realistic expectations. Our triumph is not to win a design competition (we rarely apply anyway), we rather measure it a success when you come back for more…  



Claus Boman




















        博曼创意工作室(bomancreative)于1992年在丹麦以博曼设计(Boman Design)的名字成立。直到2002年,一切都进行得非常顺利——太顺利以至于有一点点无趣!我决定暂停公司一年,到国外重新寻找工作的灵感,看看世界,然后把新的灵感带回我们的工作室。










Claus Boman




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