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SF Strike Bowl
Bangkok, Thailand   [SF保龄球馆 | 泰国,曼谷]

Below YouTube show the TV / cinema spot for SF Strike Bowl we designed.

3,000 sq.m. entertainment in MBK Centre, the challenge was to turn business around and make SF' bowling venue the trendiest and most-talked-about bowling alley. Orbit took onboard Claus as a consultant and together with Graham Lamb they started a 6 month concept and design development journey.

The design attracted a new higher spending crowd – mostly trendier younger customers that came to both bowl, dining, singing, gaming and of course see and to be seen. 

The client understood the importance of a strong corporate concept, therefore everything from bowling shoes, logo to interior was design all together.

The alleys success has now been further incorporated into other of SF' bowling venues throughout Thailand.



Design studio Orbit, project carried out as design consultants by Claus Boman and Graham Lamb with Orbit colleagues.

Responsibility for Claus Boman and Graham Lamb: Creating main interior design and concept directions. Implementation. Site inspections.

Lighting design by C&P Lighting (link open in new window).





         为了扭转盈亏,挑战将MBK购物中心3000平方米的娱乐区打造成为曼谷最IN、人气最旺的SF保龄球馆,Orbit设计公司指派设计顾问Claus及 Graham Lamb一起完成该项目,于是历时6个月的概念设计及设计深化旅程便开始了……



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