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Suning retail concept
China   [苏宁店室内设计理念 | 中国各地]

If you need a gadget in China, you need Suning!

This early stage concept illustrate the design directions for well known Suning in China. As Suning considering creating mixed retail malls with them self as anchor stores, a study was made for the general interior design. 

See also Suning Square facade concept. The project was carried out by Claus and team for RKD Retail/IQ.



Design studio RKD Retail/IQ, project carried out by Claus Boman with colleagues during employment as retail design team leader.

Responsibility for Claus Boman: 

Creating main interior design directions.





         早期的设计理念一直深深影响着苏宁店的设计方向。为实现苏宁欲打造混合零售购物中心作为其核心店的目标,团队在整体店面的室内设计方面做了深刻的研究。另见苏宁广场立面概念图。该项目由Claus和RKD Retail/IQ团队负责设计。



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