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Yaohui Shopping Mall
Beijing, China   [北京耀辉国际城 | 中国,北京]

Hanging VIP lounges in the atrium makes a stunning view point for the visitors.

Yaohui Shopping Mall concept. 80,000 square meter targeting middle to upscale customers in this multiplex building.

The main atrium is visually connected to the green roof terrace. Hanging VIP lounges / view-points are placed strategically in the mall. The atrium glass roof allow the seasonal changes as well as day and night time light to create its very own natural atmosphere in the main shopping alley.

Free standing seating elements combined with shallow water basins further strengthen the natural concept throughout the mall were designed for the public.

Design studio Concept I was trusted this project and Claus was appointed lead interior designer.



Design studio Concept I, project carried out by Claus Boman with colleagues during employment as project director.

Responsibility for Claus Boman:

Creating main interior design and concept directions. Project direction.








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