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Xian Metro retail, Line 2 – concept design
Xian, China   [西安二号线地铁零售店概念设计 | 中国,西安]

...if China is a tree, Beijing is the crown and Xian the roots!

It is said '...if China is a tree, Beijing is the crown and Xian the roots'. Xian has a history going back more than 4000 years and the location was a key point for the old silk road. By introduction of Xian’s Line 2 as being the first metro coming to town now, we were invited to give conceptual proposal for the underground retail. The metaphors, history and the rich Xian culture came to the concept of 'old silk road meets new' for this 17 station long line with smaller and larger retail on each stop.

Simple, versatile elements with clear references to transport and 'roots' can not only create a beautiful new underground trading representing the new silk road, but can also be branded as

well as the famous London Underground, making it an attraction in itself.

Platform and leisure furniture, again with clear references to the concept is clear in below public furniture. Further to this it has been considered that no bags can be placed under the seating so commuter either forget them or believe it’s hidden bags in these 'fear of terror' days.



Lighting design by C&P Lighting (link open in new window).









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