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Suning Square, facade
Various locations, China   [苏宁广场外立面 | 中国各地]

Suning has more than 800 branches in China.

With more than 800 branches in China and the second biggest electronic consumer retail chain, a new concept was created for Suning to enter the shopping center market. The concept 'Suning & Friends. invites other quality tenants to 'join the family' in same house! As Claus was working for RKD Retail/IQ he was appointed the honer of starting up this concept design.

The facade concept is an ever changing dynamic 'sculpture' that even changes skin between daytime and night. Stand out from the 'usual' LED facades that are so common in this part of the world. See also Suning retail interior.



Design studio RKD Retail/IQ, project carried out by Claus Boman with colleagues during employment as design team leader. 

Responsibility for Claus Boman: 

Creating main interior design, facade and concept directions.





         苏宁是中国第二大家电零售连锁巨头,在中国拥有超过800家分店,我们为苏宁营造了一个全新的概念----“苏宁与朋友们”,盛邀其他高质量商家入驻苏宁这个大家庭!Claus就职于RKD Retail/IQ设计公司时,非常荣幸接到该项目的概念设计工作。


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