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Wuhan Frontier Hotel, lobby
Wuhan, China   [武汉芳廷君荣酒店大堂 | 中国,武汉]

We increased the guest room area by 20% in this total renovation.

Wuhan Hotel's lobby bar is part of a larger project renovation for a previously un-finished hotel building. With new and improved interior design, the hotels capacity was enlarged by 20% by opening the ceiling above the existing ballroom and instead create an atrium garden with surrounding guestroom.

The project also involved the lounge bar and a very cozy spa, an executive floor with newly invented business oriented SOHo guest rooms besides the well designed standard rooms. Even the facade renovation was included in this total upgrade of central located Wuhan Frontier Junrung Hotel.



Design studio Taipan, project carried out as design consultant by Claus Boman.

Responsibility for Claus Boman/bomancreative:

Creating main interior design concept directions. Project and studio directing.









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