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Akasya Shopping Mall, food court
Istanbul, Turkey   [Akasya商场美食天地 | 土耳其,伊斯坦布尔]

Lights in ceiling is same color as the Akasya logo identity.

As part of a larger concept for Akasya Shopping mall we designed a food court too. It is looking down in the courtyard who has the theme of a forest. As such the theme is a tree hut that goes well to other areas of the mall (the name Akasya refers to a tree) that is connected to the three concept be it the flower bed lounge, the bird nest counters just to name a few.

A huge aquarium in the café was a request from client and becomes the center point and a divider in the large scale area in one and same time.



Saf Gyo, owner (link open in new window).








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