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Baresso Coffee shops
Various cities, Denmark   [Baresso咖啡馆 | 丹麦各城市]

Baresso is the first real coffee chain in Denmark.

Together with, and for Danish Mads Werner Architects on consultancy basis.

A brand and design created from scratch being the first coffee lounge chain in Denmark is now counting more than 20 outlets just to prove it's success. Only 6 month after it's 3rd branch opened it got nation wide famous as former President Bill Clinton during a visit in Copenhagen, suddenly stopped for an unscheduled cup of coffee at Baresso! 'Did he paid for it?' asked the owner Kenneth Luciani, 'Yes', replied the Barista with Kenneth instantly prompted with a 'Good'.

Well – that is real business, isn't it?!



Mads Werner Architects (MWA), project carried out as design consultant by Claus Boman together with MWA team.









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