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Wuhan Frontier Hotel, facade
Wuhan, China   [武汉芳廷君荣酒店外立面 | 中国,武汉]

The building stood half finished and un-touched for more than 10 years before our studio entered the project.

20 story Wuhan Hotel facade 'architexture', this buildings has never finsihed for a period of 10 years and existing facade cladding only half done. 

Our new concept of a puzzle creates more attention to the building and surroundings. The puzzle design making the podium facade vertical and horizontal lines come in an out is not accidental. Actually more privacy is created for new guestroom in podium while more exposure is given to F&B and tenants by blocking views from road and allowing natural light enter from above.

See also the lobby and the lounge barexecutive floor , SOHo guest rooms, the very cosy spa, and well designed standard rooms.



Design studio Taipan, project carried out as design consultant by Claus Boman with local designers.

Responsibility for Claus Boman/bomancreative: 

Creating main facade design and concept directions. Project and studio directing.








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