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Meet us

Unlike larger studios where contacts come and go and information gets lost, you can trust our team will be hands on throughout each project.

Claus Boman
Vorakorn 'Vee' Kanokpipat
Shine Hee

Claus Boman

Shine Hee

Vorakorn 'Vee'


Supreeya Premthong

Supreeya Premthong


Our studio is a small-scale commercial interior design studio working with international customers, mainly in Asia but cover any location needed. We started in Scandinavia in early '90ties and moved to Asia in 2002. Founder Claus Boman residence' is in Thailand but we are on the road constantly and call both China and Hong Kong our second home.

Right team, right answer

For every project, we assemble a unique team of creative specialist to cater your project. No project is too big, too small or too far away. We approach every engagement with a methodology customized for each client. 


Our real award is your recognition

bomancreative is the umbrella of work done with Claus Boman at the crank. Our many projects – be it large shopping malls in China, signage and wayfinding systems in Turkey, brand-building coffee bars in Denmark, bowling alleys in Kuwait, luxury retail in Hong Kong or residence in Saudi Arabia – have received the biggest award we can achieve as a design studio and that's when you come back for more. Your success is our success!


Small, personal and efficient

Being a small team we don't carry a lot of expenses to run our studio. We can be close to our customers and unlike larger studios – where contacts come and go and information gets lost – you can trust that our team will be hands on throughout each project. 


More of us

If you like to know us better we introduce our core team below. Want more? Here you can read our mission statement and what we do, even we share what we don't do here. Still not enough; you can read our story here. Welcome to our world which you can be part of too!



Claus Boman, commercial interior designer

Danish designer, living and working in Asia since 2002 building the creative bridge between East and West. Educated at Denmark's Design School (now KADK) and Les Ateliers, l'ENSCI in Paris, France. Worked with projects in more than 10 countries within retail, hotel design leisure, f&b and architecture. His passion is to deliver feasible and cost efficient design to his clients together with his team! Founder of bomancreative (previously Boman Design), which has successfully serviced clients profitable for more than 20 years. Claus' residence is based in Thailand but travel frequently in Mainland China, Hong Kong and the region. Speaks English and Danish.


Shine Hee, architect and project manager

Shine is our man in China and has been around us since 2008. We worked together for numerous years on a number of interior and architectural design project, especially hotels and resorts. His architectural background and sense of managing projects makes him a hands on man who knows how to run both the design team, the more practical CAD parts and make sure that what we draw is what you get. Speaks both English and Chinese. Besides supporting us he is also involved in some large scale architect projects in China.


Vorakorn 'Vee' Kanokpipat, commercial interior designer

Vee and Claus meet in November 2002 in Bangkok. He is an experienced commercial interior designer specialising in retail and corporate, besides being a firm photographer. We worked together on Akasya Mall design, Chesters Grill, Hutch and more. Vee also serviced Amway, Ford, MasterCard and Nike while managing former design studio 'dscale'. Thai by nationality, speaks good English, but don't challenge him in badminton unless you wanna take home a silver medal only!


Supreeya Premthong, accounting and studio octopus

She's is not shy of being involved in more things than we ask her too. Supreeya is Thai and have been around since 2003, but just lately got involved in our work on a more permanent schedule. She make sure to answer any of your questions or direct you to the one who can. Thanks to her, the accounting balance is in black and her 8 arms are in action 24/7. Speaks Thai and English and is the glue that keeps things together in our studio.





         我们是一家小型的商业室内设计工作室,承接海内外各个国家的设计项目,目前大部分客户位于亚洲。我们的工作室在90年代早期成立于斯堪的纳维亚,在2002年迁址至亚洲。创始人Claus Boman先生现居住于泰国,我们一直保持着拓展的步伐,努力把中国大陆和香港变为我们第二个家。




         博曼创意工作室在Claus Boman先生的带领下承接了多个海内外设计项目。我们许多项目——位于中国的大型商场、土耳其的标识导向系统、丹麦的品牌咖啡吧、科威特的保龄球馆、香港的奢侈品零售店和沙特阿拉伯的住宅——都赢得了客户的信赖和再次设计邀约,这就是我们作为一个设计工作室能获得的最大奖项。您的成功就是我们的成功!






Claus Boman,商业室内设计师
丹麦设计学院(现在的丹麦皇家建筑艺术学院)法国巴黎国立高等工业设计学院(l'ENSCI创作室)。先后在十多个国家开展过设计工作,项目覆盖零售店、酒店设计、休闲娱乐场所和室外建筑。他与他的设计团队始终专注于为客户提供可行的、高性价比的设计!Claus先生是博曼创意工作室的创始人(原来的Boman Design),工作室已成功地为客户服务了二十余年。他现居于泰国,经常游历中国大陆、香港和其它地区,可以用英语和丹麦语交流。



Vorakorn 'Vee' Kanokpipat,商业室内设计师


Supreeya Premthong,会计兼工作室“八爪鱼”

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